Tony Karon and I have a new weekly football-themed stream, named of course Eleven Named People, on Thursday nights at 9pm on Youtube.
I have been busy since my last post on March 8 - including a trip to South Africa at the beginning of April (my dad turned 80) and a a week long visit…
Except for the sports boycott against Apartheid South Africa, FIFA has rarely acted against rogue states, especially ones who illegally occupy and…
The struggle to forge a new model for academia in which solidarity isn’t just about protecting one’s powerful friends, dominated my week.
Now that Afcon is over and everyone has gone home, I dusted off a short post for Africa Is a Country to put it all in perspective.
I wrote a piece for The New York Times where I argued that in the African Cup of Nations I see hints of the Africa that Nkrumah imagined.
The tournament’s development over the years reflects the fate of the post-independence era in Africa, both in terms of the promise and frustrations of…
"The imagined community of millions seems more real as a team of eleven named people" (Eric Hobsbawm)