Eleven Named People combined with Africa Is a Country to do a round-up show before the semi-finals. For us, Morocco won the World Cup already.
"The one month every four years when we all have dreamed of one thing ..."
The vagaries of Egyptian football, the burden of Mohamed Salah and the (seemingly temporary) crisis at Liverpool F.C.
Do football fans in the UK love Queen Elizabeth II so much that games had to be suspended and they have to have a minute of silence in her honor.
Why was a commander in the ANC’s guerrilla army stationed in Angola in the 1980s spending his Saturday afternoons listening to Arsenal games on BBC…
No guest(s) on the latest episode of Eleven Named People, but Tony Karon and I still do a lot of talking about football.
Episode 6 of Eleven Named People, the stream about football named after something historian Eric Hobsbawm wrote. Hosted by Sean Jacobs and Tony Karon.
Tony Karon and I have a new weekly football-themed stream, named of course Eleven Named People, on Thursday nights at 9pm on Youtube.
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